Natural language processing (NLP) is the ability of a computer program to understand human language. Automatically processing natural languages is a key component of Artificial Intelligence. By analyzing and manipulating language NLP systems can perform many useful tasks such as extracting knowledge from text, machine translation, and conversational agents, and in many application domains like web search, social networks, biological data analysis and human-computer interaction. NLP tasks are challenging as human language involve several ambiguities and other complexities. Modern success in NLP has taken advantage of using machine learning to learn from language corpus. Various Machine Learning (ML) methods including different Neural Network (NN) architectures play a key role in building NLP systems. Different supervised and unsupervised ML algorithms are applied to NLP tasks including different graphical models and deep neural networks. The objective of this summer school is to introduce undergraduate students with a basic background in NLP and relevant ML methods as well as to introduce them to some exciting research in this area. Eminent speakers from academia as well as industry will deliver talks and interact with the students.

Inauguration of the Summer School will be held in Computer Science and Engineering Department on June 1st, 9:30 AM.

Dates: 1st June 2017- 21st June 2017
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